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Qianjiangyuan Luojia Mountain Shitang Tiantong Temple Baicao Garden Ruoliao Primitive Forest Scenic
East Lake
IntroductionThe East Lake is situated six kilometers (3.7 miles) to the east of the historic Sha
Dayu Mausoleum
IntroductionDayu mausoleum is outside lying Shaoxing Huiji the mountain door, from 3 kilometers
Keyan Scenic Spot
IntroductionKeyan Scenic Spot is the o­ne of the first national “AAAA level tourist spots”
Orchid Pavilion
IntroductionOrchid Pavilion is in the southwest of Shaoxing, about 13 kilometers from the city.
Lu Xun Memorial Hall
IntroductionLu Xun memorial hall is located in Shaoxing city Duchang workshop mouth of the south
Lu Xun Former Residence
IntroductionLu Xun Former Residence is an ordinary house. He was born in 1881 and lived in this
Lunxun Residence Resort
IntroductionLunxun residence resort is invested of RMB 1 billion that focused o­n Lu Xun Str
Shen Garden
IntroductionShen Garden lies in Shaoxing urban area Yanan way foreign river, Song Dynasty Vietna
Xianheng Restaurant
IntroductionXianheng Restaurant is known from Luxun’s stories. Such as o­ne of Lu Xun'
Zhouenlai Residence House
IntroductionZhouenlai Residence House is originally known as the tin and raise the hall, lie in
Anchang Town
IntroductionAnchang town, o­ne of the earliest famous historical and cultural towns ratified
Baicao Garden
IntroductionBaicao Garden, Sanwei Study and Ancestral Residence which are displayed in their ori
IntroductionBaizhangfeipu waterfall is located in Shengzhou at the Huiji Mountain range, the wat
Hou Mountain
IntroductionHou mountain has formed the unique natural landscape with the solitary rock, grotesq
Jianhu Lake
IntroductionAlso known as the Mirror Lake, the Jianhu Lake is located in the southwestern Shaoxi
Green Vine Study
IntroductionGreen Vine Study is located at the Qianguan lane of Shaoxing. It consists of two par
Sanwei Study
IntroductionBaicao Garden, Sanwei Study and Ancestral Residence which are displayed in their ori
Hall of Shaoxing Shiye
Introduction“Hall of Shaoxing Shiye(a post name in the feudal society)”, political consultan
Yinshan Mausoleum
IntroductionThis royal tomb or mausoleum was excavated by archaeologists from September 1996 to
 Qinwang Hotel adress: 515 Chengnan Avenue (Chengnan Dadao) 
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